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 Remote Data Services (RDS) Minimize

The following examples show how to connect to a remote database using the RDS Data Control. When using the RDS DataControl's Server/Connect / SQL properties, the RDS DataControl uses the RDS DataFactory on the remote server.  If you use the RDS DataControl's URL property then the RDS DataFactory is not used at all.

WARNING: RDS is considered obsolete by Microsoft

With the RDS default handler disabled

With oRdc
    .Server = "http://myServerName"
    .Sql = "Select * From Authors Where State = 'CA'"
    .Connect = "Provider=sqloledb;" & _
               "Data Source=(local);" & _
               "Initial Catalog=pubs;" & _
               "User Id=myUsername;" & _
End With

With the RDS default handler enabled

With oRdc
    .Server = "http://myServerName"
    .Handler = "MSDFMAP.Handler"
    .Connect = "Data Source=MyConnectTag;"
    .Sql = "MySQLTag(""CA"")"
End With

The corresponding CONNECT and SQL sections in the default handler \WINNT\MSDFMAP.INI  file would be:

[connect MyConnectTag]
Access = ReadWrite
Connect = "Provider=sqloledb;
           Data Source=(local);
           Initial Catalog=pubs;
           User Id=sa;
           Password="     (put these lines on a on single line!)

[sql MySQLTag]
Sql = "Select * From Authors Where State = '?'"

For more information about the RDS Default Handler, see: Q243245, Q230680, and RDS Customization Handler Microsoft articles

To view Microsoft KB articles related to RDS, click here 

To get records from a remote database

With oRdc
    .URL = "http://myServerName/AuthorsGet.asp?state=CA"
End With

To save, set the URL property to an ASP web page

With oRdc
    .URL = "http://myServerName/AuthorsSave.asp"
End With
Note: You must use MDAC 2.5 (or greater) for this feature

For more information, see:  RDS URL Property

To view Microsoft KB articles related to RDS, click here 


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