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 Mt Rainier Minimize

 I love to hike. I've climbed Mt Rainier four times.


Here I am (left) enjoying the view with my good friend Mick (right),
while on the way up to Camp Muir base camp (4th climb).



At Camp Curtis (about 9000 ft) just below Camp Schurman 
base camp (3rd climb).



Our tents are on far left (four dots in snow), and the route goes
above and to the right. You can see folks traversing across (three
dots). We had to move very quickly through there due to danger
of ice and rock fall from a steep face above and to the top right
(not in picture).



Getting close to the top of Mt. Rainier looking SE towards Mt Adams.
Do you see the face in the rock (right)?



Sometimes Mt Rainier plays tricks on your mind. Which way is up?

Turn your head left.   :-)



The early morning sun makes the snow glow red on the way up
to the summit.



Here I am signing the Summit book a few feet from the top
of Mt Rainier.



On the top of Mt. Rainier (14,411 ft). I felt the presents of God up there.


From the top of Mt Rainier the view is unbelievable!


In memory of Doug Fowler (my roommate back in UW college)
who fell while trying to climb up
Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainier.


 Tiger Mt. Trails Minimize

If you are in the Seattle area, check out Tiger Mt.

It's located on I-90 past Issaquah, WA going east towards the Cascade Mountains. Take the High Point Way, Exit #20. Turn right at stop sign onto 270 AVE SE, then turn sharp right at SE 79th ST. Follow the road down to gate and park your car there, or go a bit futher and park at the Tradition Lake parking lot (must be out before dusk - they lock the gate).

It takes on average about 1 to 6 hours depending on which trial you go up and how fast you climb.

  • Powerline Trail
    Start at the first Gate. It's straight up to the West Tiger Vista 3 trail, which leads you to the top.  
  • West Tiger Vista 3
    Start at the Tradition Lake parking lot (past the first gate).  It is the main trail up the mountain with lots of foot traffic!
  • Tiger Mt Trail
    Hike to West TIger Vista 3 trailhead, then stay to your left. The Tiger Mt Trail is on the left with a sign every mile (TMT).  It's a great day hike and offers some great views.
  • Nook Trail is short and steep but fun! Very little foot traffic.

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From the top, you can see Mt Rainier and Seattle. It's well worth the hike on a sunny day!



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